​​Howdy, Awesome Pet Parent!
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Dog Exercise.

Want a relaxed pooch when you get home who is less likely to eat the couch?
Can't find time to take your bouncy pup for a walk after a long day of getting yelled at by your boss?

In Home Cat & Critter Sitting.

Do your little friends need to eat food and do their business like most other living creatures but you sometimes have to go other places than home?

Freedom from Stress.

Did you leave the stove on?

Is your giant Amazon package just sitting out there for everyone to see??!

Did your dog really eat that couch?

PacKare is Here to Help!
Trusthworthy. Loving. Insured. Bonded. Certified. Experienced.
PacKare is ready to aid busy pet owners with our dedicated, faithful care. Your pets are our livelihood and our lives!
To learn more, check out the links up top, or call, text, facebook, or email. We're excited to hear from you!