Frequently Asked Questions

What is your availability like?
We have visit time slots from 6 AM to 5 PM. We do our best to accommodate all visit requests made with advanced notice and can sometimes get full during holidays, afternoons, and some extra busy weekends. 

Can I have the same pet sitter every time?

In some cases, we might have the same person come out, but in general, there are two or three regular PacKeepers who will see your pets. To have only one sitter would mean our people would need to work 12 hour days with no days off, work when they get sick, and never have any car problems or life emergencies. A person like that doesn’t exist, and if they did, they’d be pretty tired and stressed!


Having a few sitters know your pets is great for socialization and the peace of mind that if one of us does have an emergency or gets the flu, someone else is there to continue care for your pets. That means that you’re almost always guaranteed that you’ll have a PacKare PacKeeper available for you!


Does it cost extra if I have more than one pet?

Usually, no! Our prices include all of your pets in the home, even if you have multiple kinds of pets. The only exception to this would be if you have a zoo of pets that may take quite awhile to care for.


Can you stay overnight when pet sitting?
While we've been searching for great staff who can stay overnights with pets, we currently cannot do overnights.


Do you do grooming?
We do not have the schooling or supplies for full grooming, but we are trained to do brushing, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and nail clipping. If you're looking for a full groom, we can bring your pooch or kitty to the groomer for you!


Do you board dogs?
We unfortunately don't have a facility but can board well-socialized dogs occasionally in our home. Please shoot us a message for more details!


Do you take care of other animals besides dogs and cats?
Yes! We have experience with many types of pocket pets (guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.), reptiles, birds, and fish. For very sensitive pocket pets or livestock, we do suggest finding an expert for those kinds of pets as our knowledge of them is more general. 


Can you care for pets with special needs?
In most cases, yes. We know how to give insulin shots and subcutaneous fluids and administer many types of medications. We've also cared for many senior pets. 


What is your service range?
We cover Duluth, Hermantown, Superior, and Proctor.
How does pet sitting compare to boarding?
In some cases, pet sitting may be beneficial because some pets may feel more comfortable in their home territory or may dislike the transportation process (especially cats). Some also get stressed around other pets. It can also be more convenient for the pet parent to not have to worry about pick up, drop off, and bordetella shots. For multi-pet households, it can be less expensive as well. You also have someone to keep an eye on your home. 

For puppies and super social pets, boarding can be a great option. It can also be a good option when your pet needs care for longer than a few days. 

How and when do I pay PacKare?
PacKare uses the pet sitting software Time to Pet for payments to make things easy and convenient. You can request that we set up automatic payments and charge your card when your services are completed, and we can charge your card on a regular basis if you're a regular client. You can also choose to do your own payments through Time to Pet as well.


We love advanced payments, but payments can be made within a week of when services have ended. If needed, we can be flexible if any financial issues come up, and we can even do payment plans as long as you keep us in the loop. Clients who are repeatedly very late paying their invoices will be required to prepay for services.


Is PacKare hiring?
All positions are currently filled, but please check back to see if that changes!


What times can I schedule?

In our software, you can choose any time on the hour between 6 AM and 5 PM. While we try to get close to the time you schedule, we may be there an hour earlier or later depending on how everything fits into the schedule that day. 




What does PacKare mean?
PacKare is made of two words. The first is Pac, as in a dog pack. Packs work together, combining multiple strengths to create a unified, cohesive group or community that can do more together than each individual could do on their own. The second word is Kare, as in care, which connotates high regard, respect, love, and nurturing protection.