Nifty Things we Do

Exciting info: prices do not include sales tax. In most cases, prices include all pets in the home except for brushing and nail trims. A gas surcharge may be added for areas on the outskirts of Duluth, Superior, Hermantown, Proctor, Saginaw, Cloquet, and Oliver because cars are hungry beasts. 


Companion Care Series
— visit(s) to your home when you're away, perfect for work or vacations
— includes any needed feeding, meds, loving, playtime, potty breaks, litter scooping, etc
— includes any home needs such as watering plants and bringing in mail/papers/packages
  • Mini Companion Care Visit ~ 15 Minutes - $15
  • Standard Companion Care Visit ~ 30 Minutes - $18
  • Custom Companion Care Visit - $26 per hour
These Paws were Made for Walking Series
— exercise for your pooch around their neighborhood
— great for the mind, body, soul, and sniffer
includes any general household needs as well as giving any food, water, meds, etc
  •  Ramble - 30 Minute walk - $20
  •  Stroll - 45 Minute walk - $23
  •  Tour - 60 Minute walk - $28
Let's Go Series
— spoil your pooch with an outing to the lake, trail, or beach
— can also be used as a trip to the vet, groomer, massage therapist, or chiropractor
  •  Field Trip ~ 60 Minutes - $35
  •  Hiking Excursion ~ 120 Minutes - $60
Wellness Series
  •  Nail Trim - $17 (or $5 when added to another visit)
— keep your pet's nails a nice length for comfort and proper biomechanics 
— we come to you with our own trimmers and styptic powder
  •  Brushing ~ 10 minutes - $5 add on
       — get your pet detangled and less full of extra hair


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